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The Relidays team – unlike any other real estate agency –invests 100 percent of our time and resources in building the strongest online platforms.

We have a total of 20+ years combined experience dealing exclusively with real estate renters. During the past year , Relidays invested specifically in the online industry to increase the visibility of the properties it manages.

We promote your property worldwide in many languages.

We deal with requests and contracts.

We welcome guests at the property.

We assist them throughout their entire stay.

We set it up before a guest arrival.

We organize the cleaning services.

Our maintenance crew is on hand for every need.

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Apartment Maganed by RelidaysOn Relidays .com you are free to rent the apartments are published directly by the owners or you can rent the apartments managed and cared directly from us, and be sure you actually find the property you’ve been offered and that you have chosen , without disappointments and at the best price .
No more hotel and B & B but from today you will be free to rent directly a whole apartment , house or even a villa at the right price .
Relidays is catered to travelers , to family who want to travel cheap , but also to professionals who travel for work , or simply those who want complete privacy during their vacation .

Relidays, Travel Different !